Probiotics ~ Treatment

Your stomach after some probiotics and a foot massage.

Your stomach after some probiotics and a Swedish massage.

What: This very second there are hundreds of billions of micro organisms living inside your Gastrointestinal tract. They help you by digesting your food and assisting in the absorption of nutrients. Probiotics are the live ‘friendly’ version of these bacteria that you want working inside your guts. Probiotic supplements come in many shapes and sizes including capsules, powders and yogurt mixtures and can contain different strains of bacteria. The most famous strain is Acidophilus (as found in Yakult) but there are many different types to choose from. The trick is finding the one that gives you the best results.

Why: A very large proportion of people living with CFS/ME suffer from some form of irritable bowel, experiencing bloating, gas, discomfort and intolerance’s to certain foods. The idea is by putting friendly bacteria back into the gut you increase the chance of re-establishing effective digestion, reducing inflammation, allowing the body to properly absorb nutrients from food and ensuring the immune system is able to function properly.  As apparently over 80% of your immune system is found in the gut. So basically consuming probiotics is a one way to get your stomach back on track and create the conditions for a return to health. However, according to a leading CFS/ME specialist it takes up to 12 months to repopulate your gut bacteria. So get started and be patient. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

How Much: This depends on the instructions for the probiotic you choose. When in capsule form its usually around two per day. In yogurt form, around a small bowlful. Start slow and build up because many people have adverse reactions to certain strains of probiotic bacteria.

My Experience: (25/04/2011) I have tried about 10 different types of probiotics over the last 5 years with varying results. Most of them made my gut symptoms worse and one in particular induced severe stomach cramps. This was disappointing as I really liked the idea of balancing out my gut flora. Then about a year ago I came across Progurt which the company claims is the only human strain of probiotic bacteria on the market (the others all being cultured from bovine and sheep sources). The product is expensive and requires you to purchase a special Progurt making yogurt incubator. However in my case it has produced good results and was well worth the money. After 2 weeks of taking it each day (I now include it for breakfast in my superfood smoothie) my gut symptoms improved and my bowel movements became regular. Even though it is made from dairy it is one of the few supplements I’ve taken that produced a noticeable improvement in my condition in a short period of time. Other brands that have been recommended to me include VSL 3, Floractiv and Mutaflor.

Learn more about Progurt here (I have no affiliation with the company).

Have Probiotics worked for you? Leave a comment telling us which ones you have or haven’t had success with!

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9 Responses to Probiotics ~ Treatment
  1. Terry (My Journey With Candida)
    May 23, 2011 | 11:25 pm

    Hi Joe,
    I followed you here from curezone. Glad to hear you are doing better. I tried a lot of different probiotics also. Nothing worked for me until I tried TruFlora. I have a review of it on my blog….. Plus they are letting me do a giveaway for them.

    • Jailen
      September 10, 2011 | 4:08 am

      You’re a real deep thniker. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. amy southorn
    September 25, 2011 | 8:43 am

    Hey Joe.
    Your blog is fantastic. Some very very valuable information on here.
    Hope that your healing is going well.
    Are you still reaping the benefits from progurt?
    Have you tried kefir? I am not currently using this but earlier in the year I was making my own coconut water kefir with ‘real’ water kefir grains and am about to start culturing again. Unfortunately as it got colder the fermentation process seemed to be less efficient and so I stopped. Dr Myhill is recommending kefir currently in her program. I found out about it after reading about the body ecology diet last year. The symbiotic bacteria and yeast have been proven to actually colonise the intestinal tract which is cool and Dr Myhill mentions kefir is fantastic at killing putrifying bacteria in the intestines. I found that drinking a small amount of this kefir near the end of a meal was a great digestive. I am soon to begin culturing but using the body ecology starter this time so I will let you know how this goes!
    Also my naturopath has had me on Symbion for the past 5 months. You start on one capsule and very slowly make your way up to 6 capsules a day. It caused some very serious ‘die off’ or healing reactions but it has helped to an extent, I am still taking it. I have also been trying Syntol by Arthur Andrew Medical. Like Symbion it is great for systemic candida and general digestive health. You actually take it inbetween meals as it contains enzymes which help break down candida and its byparts in the gut and blood etc, and it uses a new spore bacteria which is meant to survive stomach acid. I also have just started using Dr Ohiras OMX 100. The bacteria count of Dr Ohiras is low but the bacteria are very robust and alive. It is broad sprectrum and there is good scientific evidence behind it especially the strain Enterococcus faecalis TH 10. I will let you know how this goes too. Progurt is definately on my agenda of things to try.
    Cheers, Amy

    • Joe
      September 25, 2011 | 9:25 am

      G’day Amy
      Awesome hearing from you. Thanks for all the rad insights.
      Your new blog looks great, you’re a good writer and its obvious you have much to share, look forward to seeing it develop!
      I have been a little lazy with the Progurt lately but it was still giving me good benefits.
      I’ve been getting good gut relief from a combination of Ayurvedic herbs and Qi Gong. But I’m keen to give Kefir a go when the time is right, especially if I can do it non dairy.
      Sounds like your coming at the candida from all angles, nice one. Keep me posted if you have any break throughs.
      Stay in touch

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    November 13, 2011 | 11:46 am

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  5. Gina Love 17
    March 2, 2013 | 4:17 am

    I have been taking the Lady Soma Probiotics for about 1 year now and I can’t belive the difference it makes in my digestive health! My OB/GYM reccomended Lady Soma. I have had stomach/instestinal problems my whole life and I have diagnosed with IBS. since taking the probiotics I have seen alot of improvement.

  6. Nikki
    August 26, 2014 | 11:17 pm


    My son has serious gut issues. Been battling for over a decade. Restricted diet too. Used many different probiotics ,varying degrees of success . Honestly ,no probiotics for the last 5 months and no difference. Milk allergy too. If Progurt works ,does it have to be used indefinitely?

    Jakes mom…

    • Joe
      September 5, 2014 | 11:10 am

      Hey Nikki,
      Sorry to hear about your boy, I’m sure he can find a way forward. I used Proghurt for about 4 months after taking antibiotics put my gut out of balance then I stopped taking it as I was travelling. It helped me and the benefits largely stuck around. You can call and talk to the people at the company and they can offer advice as well. Good luck! Can’t hurt to try can it?

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