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'So Neo, do you want to take the White Pill. Or the uhhh White Pill?'

What is it: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is a pharmaceutical drug that is slowly starting to gain popularity. It was originally  developed years ago to help people kick addictions but has been pioneered by Dr. Bihari in treating Multiple Sclerosis and a numer of other conditions.

There is evidence to suggest that when taken in small doses (1/15th of the dose for treating addictions) it appears to halt or reverse a wide range of symptoms related to CFS/ME. Dr. Bihari has found that around 50% of people with CFS/ME benefit from the treatment. So it seems to be a case of the old Heads or Tails. Game to flip the coin?

Why take it: The idea is that taking LDN each night can help to regulate the immune system by causing the body to create more opioids. Ultimately this leads to you slowing feeling better over a period of time. People who have had success with LDN tend to stay on it for the long term and report much deeper and more refreshing sleep.

Here’s what a Finnish woman by the name of Majia Haavisto had to say about it ‘My fatigue and muscle weakness are a lot better, I don’t “crash” nearly as easily as I used to and the crashes are significantly milder (I used to get bedbound from very mild effort, like stirring a soup!). My cognitive problems have improved though not as much as my fatigue. My chronic fever and chronic urticaria, both among my most bothersome symptoms are 90-95% gone. My asthma is also a lot better. Most importantly, LDN seems to have stabilized my condition.’           

How Much to Gulp Down: The recommended starting dose is at 1.5 grams building up slowly to 3.5 grams – 4 grams. There are slight differences of opinion around the issue but most people recommend taking the dose in the evening before bed.

My Experience: (10/9/11) I first found out about LDN over a year ago and was originally all Gung Ho to give it a try. I figured it was cheap, had few side effects with the potential to give me some great benefits. However my Doctor at the time was reluctant to give me a prescription as there a no published studies linking CFS/ME to LDN and he didn’t want to attract heat from the regulartory powers that be.

And so my LDN quest lost momentum even though I could have got it from my Doctor had I really wanted it. Right now it is of little interest as I’m exploring the use of only natural organic medicines and don’t like the idea of being on any drugs for the forseeable future. But I never say never…. Except just then, but that doesn’t count.

Links & more detailed information:

  • Here is an link to an excellent article outlining the results of one mans application of LDN to his case of ME/CFS.

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5 Responses to Low Dose Naltrexone ~ Treatment
  1. Paddi Moyer
    September 15, 2011 | 2:51 am

    I developed CFS four plus years ago after a severe reaction to a vaccine. I have been to many, many special doctors and LDN is the little miracle that I came away with. It has changed my life.
    I also have another friend with severe lupus and RA and it has helped her even more. She is like
    a different person. I took LDN for quite some time before I figured that I HAD to take it in the AM.
    It really bothered my sleep when taken at night. One of my books said that if you had a problem
    like this that taking it in the AM was acceptable. Because LDN is taken in such a tiny dose some
    consider it to be almost homeopathic like. I usually stick to alternative medicine but you could
    NOT take LDN away from me. I am a lifer. There is also reason to believe that it may be anti-
    cancer which is just another bonus. I highly, HIGHLY recommend people at least try LDN. Be
    prepared to fight for it with your physician. Become educated and empowered with LDN!

    • Joe
      September 15, 2011 | 12:08 pm

      Hi Paddy appreciate the insights.

      Great to hear you’ve found something that is working for you. It’s easy to run the expensive specialist gauntlet and emerge with nothing but an empty wallet, finding one piece of the puzzle makes it worth while in my opinion.

      How long before you started to see some benefits and what were they exactly. Any thing you can pin down or just an all around rise in well being?

      • Paddi Moyer
        February 16, 2012 | 10:29 pm

        Hi Joe … I have not been back to your site until now. Before I begin, please remove my
        comments as they are appearing when people are trying to find me professionally thru
        google. I was not expecting that so please remove all of my input and hopefully that will
        do the trick. LDN is one of the best kept secrets in this country. I now have several different
        people on it for different reasons and it has been amazing for all of them. Extremely good
        for autoimmune diseases as a whole. I HIGHLY recommend trying it. It can take a while
        to kick in but be patient. If it causes sleep problems at night, when they recommend you
        take it, then just take it in the AM. Please pass this information on to other people. More
        energy, clearer thinking, weight loss, they might expect these things. Although it certainly
        does not work for everyone – worth a try. Thanks ….. Paddi

  2. Karen
    April 15, 2012 | 1:02 pm

    I’ve been on LDN for nearly 5 weeks, gradually building the does up to 4.5mg. Nothing has happened and have increased by .5 to 5mg a night. How long should I give it?

    • Joe
      April 22, 2012 | 12:44 pm

      Hey Karen.

      I haven’t got direct experience with LDN myself and I’m not a Doctor. Perhaps other people out there would know better than I do? I always find it’s best to get all the information I can on a subject and then take it to my practitioner, get their advice, then make up my own mind.

      There is some good information here (http://forum.ldnresearchtrust.org/) that may shed some new light on your situation.

      Best of luck with it and let us know how it goes. I’ve heard LDN can really help some people get back on their feet.

      In the Name of Good Health,


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