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Who says herbs aren’t strong enough? Using Byron White Formulas for Lyme & CFS/ME

byron white

Get the lowdown on the super potent Byron White Formulas for Lyme/CFS and all those other wonderful neurotoxic conditions. They’re Hand made, organic, wild crafted. What more could you want? Chocolate ice cream flavour perhaps…

Chasing that Buzz. The Benefits of Rifing for Lyme & CFS/ME


Looking for another way to keep those spirochetes under control? Or perhaps you’ve heard that frequency generating machines can help to treat CFS/ME? Either way get the low down on Rifing and the best way to get started…

It ain’t just jewellery. Colloidal Silver for Lyme & CFS/ME


It’s controversial. It’s colloidal. It’s silver….. It’s Colloidal Silver. Could it be the natural antibiotic you’ve been looking for? Check out the pro’s and con’s find out whether this precious metal is the right treatment for you.

Panchakarma for CFS/ME & Lyme


They will pummel you. They will pour warm oil in your orifices. They will make you run to the toilet like a toddler. Sound like torture? Wrong! It’s Panchakarma the ancient Ayurvedic detoxification process. Read this article and see what it’s all about…

GcMaf ~ Treatment

Nurse Woman Giving a Man a Subcutaneous Injection Vaccine With a Needle in His Butt

Drum roll please…. The latest wonder drug for CFS/ME goes by the name of GcMAF and some people are throwing around the C word (cure). It’s still early days and the reports are mixed but there’s no doubt this drug shows potential….

Betaine HCL & Apple Cider Vinegar for Low Stomach Acid in CFS/ME ~ Treatments

hydro acid danger

Betaine HCL is designed to kickstart your stomach acid and help you digest a whole lot better. See if it’s the supplement your tummy has been waiting for….

The red pill or the blue pill. Is it worth taking a Multivitamin for CFS/ME? ~ Treatment

multivitamin cartoon

It’s a futuristic concept. And it’s big business. But is it worth the cost? Read this article and find out if multivitamins are your cup of tea.

Low Dose Naltrexone ~ Treatment


Low Dose Naltrexone. Silver bullet? Or just another drug? Learn what it does and how it’s helped some regain control of their health….

Electrolytes & Hydration Salts ~ Treatments


Adding some Electrolytes to your water each day can help on a number of levels. If nothing else they usually taste nice and if you believe the Gatorade ad’s you will be able to shoot hoops better than Michael Jordan.

Green Smoothies ~ Treatment


Green Smoothies are the way of the future. They are healthy, fun, trendy, green and smooth. Learn why you will never look back after you take the first green plunge…

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