Lyme disease recovery stories. Oh yes. It’s possible.


I think I can, I think I can, I know I can!

As the old saying goes whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. So in the spirit of such wisdom I’ve put together a list of some inspiring recovery stories from Lyme disease. Everyone seems to do it their own way, but they all share a unique drive to recover and have the patience, discipline and endurance to make it happen. Enjoy.

The Eco-Phd – Kristina Honey 

Dr. Honey.

Dr. Honey.

The Woman: Kristina’s story is an inspiring one. She’s a traveller and adventurer and seems to be a lover of all things natural. Her commitment to her studies is obvious as she battled uphill against Lyme disease to finally get her doctorate. Refusing to believe that late-stage Lyme was incurable, Dr. Honey collaborated with other researchers and medical doctors to pioneer a novel treatment protocol using experimental nano-mineral treatments (nano-silver and nano-gold) with trace minerals for therapeutic support (oligotherapy) Good vibes resonate from this gal’s story and it’s great to see that she has fully recovered.

How it began: ‘In summer 1999 on Long Island, Maine, off the coast of Portland, Maine, I was bit by dozens of tiny deer ticks’. Before long what started out as skin and joint symptoms manifested as full on Lyme. After 10 years of up’s and down’s she finally got the right diagnosis and begin her treatment.
How she recovered: ‘The doctors began appropriate therapy for Lyme disease — cycling through high-doses of long-term antibiotics and anti-parasitic medications. Then, antibiotics & anti-fungals. Then, more & different combinations of antibiotics.’ in complement with alternative medicine (applied kinesiology — ART), homeopathic remedies, and life-style and diet changes like gluten free, GMO free, and low sugar. Kristina strongly believes in the importance of emotional, energetic, & spiritual healing — in complement with physical healing. She writes ‘I’m a PhD biologist with a PhD Minor in Civil & Environmental Engineering, so pretty quantitative & scientific — but the intangible, energetic, emotional & spiritual aspects of healing helped me more than anything physical, chemical & tangibly concrete.’ She found this approach particularly helpful because it empowered her as a patient to take charge of her own recovery.
How long it took her: 2.5 years
To what level she recovered: She describes herself as fully recovered and 100% Lyme free.
Further info: You can read Honey’s extended story here. Also the notes from her presentation about her recovery at the 2013 Integrative Lyme Solutions are available here.

The Tennis Star – Sam Stosur

What a glorious backhand!

What a glorious backhand!

The Woman: Samantha Stosur is an Australian tennis champion. She won the US open in 2011 and has been ranked as high as number 4 in the world.

How it began: In 2007 she began getting a whole range of symptoms including inflamed glands, puffiness in the face and neck, a rash all over the body, extreme tiredness, headaches, body aches, swollen hands and feet.
How she recovered: After a huge range of tests in hospitals around the world she received the diagnosis of Lyme disease.  ‘I went on two weeks of oral antibiotics followed by four weeks of intravenous antibiotics twice a day, four days a week followed by another two weeks of oral antibiotics.’
How long it took her: Sam is one of the lucky ones receiving adequate care early on. Her whole journey with Lyme only seemed to last a matter of months. Her story is testimony to the fact that early detection and treatment really makes a huge difference. Hopefully its like this for everyone in the not to distant future.
To what level she recovered: Samantha says ‘On realising how dangerous Lyme can be I’m really glad I followed what the specialists told me and really took it slow to get back to normal. I think the thing that helped me a lot is that I was in the USA when I was eventually diagnosed. It is nearly impossible to know when I contracted it as I travelled through a number of European countries before falling ill in London. From there I went  to Australia where Lyme isn’t recognised and then back to the States.
Since  getting back to full health I have never felt any symptoms come back or relapsed in any way.’

The Park Ranger – Jordan Fisher Smith

Jordan in the Wild.

Jordan in the Wild.

The Man: Jordan is a park ranger turned author who also featured in the documentary Under Our Skin. His story shows the courage needed to find the right treatment for a condition that is deeply misunderstood around the world. His perseverance pays off and after a roller coaster ride that he and his family endure together Jordan finally regains his wellbeing.

How he recovered: Jordan appeared to recover largely through antibiotic therapy under the guidance of 2 different LLMD’s in the United States.
How long it took him: 12 years in total with 9 years in treatment,
To what level he recovered:  ‘I’m still off antibiotics and I’m doing well. Thanks to my heroic physicians, I am recovered after a nine-year battle with tick-borne disease. And I am now contributing to society, working, and raising my kids.’
Further info: You can read Jordan’s latest update on the Under Our Skin website here and check out the website for his book Nature Noir here.


The Aussie Legend – Phillip Jones

Philip getting his Silver on.

Philip getting his Silver on.

The Man: Phillip Jones is a 48 year old living on the East Coast of Australia. Yep. That’s all I got.

How it Began: ‘After a six-week stay in hospital during which he could hardly move or sleep, he emerged in a wheelchair.’ After a ride on the medical roundabout ‘an alternative medicine practitioner suggested that he had lyme, a bacterial disease not officially recognised as existing in Australia.’
To what level he recovered: ‘Yet four years later he’s finally feeling normal, he’s surfing again, playing golf and doing yoga at least five days a week.’
How he recovered:  ‘Mr Jones combined heavy doses of antibiotics, Chinese herbs, acupuncture yoga, meditation and a Peruvian rainforest herb. He swears by daily dosages of colloidal silver, an alternative treatment claimed to be a blood cleanser.’
How long it took him: 4 years from start to finish.

The Patient turned Healer – Heather

Feeling furry and fantastic.

Feeling furry and fantastic.

The Woman: Heather lives in the United States and has undergone an epic journey to fully recover from Lyme disease. She was mentored along the way by Perry Fields.

How it began: After a childhood tick bite  Heather suffered severe anxiety and depersonalisation through her teenage years.  She eventually visited a LLMD and was finally diagnosed with Lyme at age 26.
To what level she recovered: Heather describes herself as full recovered.
How she recovered: Heather took an extended course of antibiotics, then stopped this and used a very comprehensive alternative medicine protocol to recover. She employed a 3 Phase treatment approach outlined here. Spiritually also appeared to take a play an important part in her recovery.
How long it took: I haven’t been able to determine exactly how long it took Heather to recover but I gather it was at least 2 years, potentially more.
Further info: You can check out Heathers recovery protocol here. She has also offers health and wellness coaching.

The Better Health Guy – Scott Forsgren

A.K.A Better Health Guy.

A.K.A Better Health Guy.


The Man: Scott is a friend that I have connected with through his website Better Health Guy, a website which provides a whole heap of very valuable information concerning Lyme disease and recovering from chronic illness. He is very diligent in his approach and frequents a large array of conferences on Lyme and its surrounding topics and shares these notes through his site. I highly recommend checking them out. He seems to be a good example of someone doing everything within their power to recover and I’m grateful to have crossed his path.

How it began: Scott first became chronically ill in 1997 and after a 3 year bout with wide range of symptoms  managed to recover his health. In 2004 however he became unwell once more and after extensive investigations finally ended up with a diagnosis of Lyme.
To what level he has recovered: As of late 2013 Scott described himself as 95% recovered and still working on that last 5%. He continues to treat himself largely with herbs and other natural options. He also manages to balance the demands of a highly popular website with an intensive day job and seems like he manages to squeeze in some fun along the way.
How he recovered: Scott has employed a vast array of modalities along the way but it seems the core of his regime is a combination of detoxification support, antimicrobial therapy, emotional work, inflammation reduction, energetic therapies and EMF mitigation. He cites Dr. Klinghardt as a key mentor (among many) along the way and makes use of Autonomic Response Testing to fine tune his protocol.
How long it has taken him: Around 8 years since his Lyme diagnosis to reach 95% recovered.
Further info: You can find Scott’s full story here and his current supplement list on this page.  Much of what he has learned along the way can be found in the slides from a presentation he gave entitled “Insights From The Journey of a Lifetime” which can be found here


The Track Athlete -Perry Fields

One tough lady. She didn't take her diagnosis lying down.

One tough lady. She didn’t take her diagnosis lying down.

The Woman: Perry is a track and field athlete from the US. She has become a bit of a personality in the Lyme community and hopes to do for Lyme what Lance Armstrong did for Prostate cancer. Championing holistic healing modalities to recover (and improve upon) her own health has been the inspiration for many others to do the same.

How it began: A tick bite in college.
How she recovered: Perry employed a very wide range of alternative modalities.
How long it took her: Perry fell ill in 2005 and described herself as cured by 2009.
To what level she recovered: 100%. Perry has returned to professional athletics and says her times are better than ever.
Further info: She recounts her story in the book Tick Slayer. More information here. You can also find a copy of her recovery plan for sale on her website.



The U2 Tour Gal –  Dana Walsh

Dana is the one on the left.

Dana is the one on the left.

The Woman: Dana is one of the leading ladies in the documentary Under Our Skin. She has earned the nick name the U2 tour gal amongst people who I’ve talked to about the movie as this is her job during the filming. Her story is heartfelt and expressed the loneliness of feeling the walking wounded and enduring the difficulties of an invisible illness. There are touches of a Hollywood ending to her story as she meets her dream Doctor, regains a large part of her health and wellbeing and also falls in love. Go Dana!

How she recovered: Following Dr. Klinghardts protocol of immune modulation, detoxification and antimicrobials.
How long it took her: 2.5 years to see significant improvement.
To what level she recovered: In her latest update on the Under our skin website Dana describes herself as 85% recovered.
More info: Dana’s latest update from the Under our skin blog can be found here.

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    As a fellow recovering Lymie, I really appreciate this post. Best of luck to you.

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    great website! How are you doing now?

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    As a newly diagnosed Lyme disease sufferer already on high dose antibiotics I find (as I did through my whole life) great relief in it and very inspirational to me.thank you.

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  7. Kristin
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    It’s a beautiful gift to share hope! I suffered very acutely for several years with my Lyme/co’s. Now that i am well I dedicated most of my time to educating and helping others. I’d be happy to share my story here is you are looking for additional success stories. We can all have our vitality back!

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