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Lyme disease recovery stories. Oh yes. It’s possible.


Here’s a collection of inspirational recovery stories from Lyme disease. Each person did it their own way with their own sense of determination and grace. Hopefully you will find yourself on this list one day soon.

My patient experience with Dr. Klinghardt & the Sophia Health Institute


Interested in Dr. Klinghardt and his team at the Sophia Health Clinic? This article describes my own experience and should arm you with the knowledge you need to decide if they are the Doctors for you.

Lyme Disease in Australia + The Doctors & Practitioners to Treat It.


Unfortunately Australia seems to have it’s head in the sand when it comes to Lyme disease. And yet there seem to be more and more patients presenting with symptoms and responding well to treatment. Thankfully it seems as if the tide could slowly be starting to turn. Read on to find where to get help down under.

An Introduction to Lyme Disease

Lime disease

Lyme disease. Sounds like a tasty citrus cocktail. When in fact it’s a pretty serious condition that’s in the same family as CFS/ME. This article will give you the basics and perhaps inspire you to investigate whether it’s the cause behind your illness…

My Six Favourite Recovery Stories from CFS/ME. Yep, it’s possible.


If you’re going to read one article on this website make it this one. In order to recover you need to believe its possible. The best the way to do that is to read and reread the stories of the people who have been there and done it. Here are 6 of my favourites…

More Inspiring Recovery Stories From CFS/ME

Make you smile

In case the first round wasn’t enough. Here’s some more Inspiration Petrol to pour into your engine of Hope and Determination. Enjoy….

The 9 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned From CFS/ME & Lyme


It seems a key part of having CFS/ME is learning some really hard, yet really valuable lessons along the way. Here are the 9 insights that have made the most difference for me. After all what do you when you’re stuck with a lemon? Make lemonade!

A Very Funny CFS/ME Christmas Video

people laughing

A short video guaranteed to make you laugh, chuckle, snort or at least smile….

In Search of the Ultimate Diet for CFS/ME ~ 12 of the best approaches all mashed up


So you’ve got CFS/ME. Your stomach is playing up and the local naturopath tells you it’s time to change your diet. You open the cupboard and tentatively reach for that trusty box of coco pops. With a shaking hand and a tear in your eye you pour them into the bin and set fire to the box, whispering to yourself ‘what am I going to eat!’ Fear not. The answer is just one mouse click away…

Heavenly Holistic Foods ~ Sauerkraut & Lacto-Fermentation


Lets face it. Fermented food doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. But it should! It’s delicious and ridiculously good for you. Learn how to get in on the action…

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