Step 7 ~ Review & Adjust

Adjust your protocol.

Adjust your protocol. And like this guy. Keep a cool head.

The final step on the healing journey is staying on track. Keep a cool head (see picture). Watch your progress. And make any changes you to need along the way.

I find this process of reviewing and adjusting is most easily done when I’m working towards a specific date. I wrote a little bit about this is in Step 3 Planning your recovery. Its the same idea as having a holiday your really looking forward to, it motivates you and puts all the work your doing into context. Having a specific date in mind when you will stop to review where you are at with your health allows you to break up the future into bite sized chunks and releases you from having to analyse your condition each and every day.

My recommendations are:

  1. To use a date by which you can realistically be feeling at least 20% better (I always allow myself the chance to have become 100% recovered).
  2. Get your healing protocol running on autopilot with minimal effort required.
  3. Keep a daily log and don’t stress to much about how your feeling day to day (After all its well documented that recovery from CFS/ME is always a two steps forward, one step back process. But with patience and determination you will get there in the end).

This method allows you to maintain a comprehensive healing protocol but not make it the major focus of your life. After all there are of plenty other fish to be fried.

Choosing a date

At the moment I’m personally planning my recovery in relation to an overseas trip 6 months in the future. But have certain times I will check in before then to re-assess whether certain supplements are worth continuing with. Especially for the expensive ones…

Having a Goal

Now that you’ve got a date in mind. You need to decide what your aiming to achieve. I use an energy scale I’ve created from 1-10 based on the scale by Dr. Karnofsky and through reviewing my daily log I use these figures to track my progress over a period of time.

When the day comes

On the day of the date you have chosen honestly ask yourself what’s working and what’s not. Review your plan, your budget and your motivation.  Then simply keep the things that are working for you and ditch the things that aren’t.

Final Step = Recover.

The most important thing of all….

Is to enjoy the journey. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at the world. Laugh at the fact that you need to lie down every time you get up to go to the toilet. Don’t take any of it to seriously and don’t make the condition your identity. You are so much more than just a three letter acronym.  Make a game of it and CFS/ME becomes just another aspect of your individuality.

Now that you’ve finished the 7 steps

Explore the Tools, Treatments and Techniques explained on this site and begin to walk your path to recovery. Let me know how your going and share your story. You can reach me at In the name of good health!

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