Water Filtration: Alkapod & Pi Mag ~ Techniques


You too will look like this when properly hydrated!

What: Filtered water  is simply water passed through some type of purification process. The most common types of filter systems include:

  • Activated carbon or charcoal.
  • Sand.
  • Mineral stones.
  • Ultraviolet light.
  • Reverse osmosis.

(Don’t worry. They all do very similar things)

Why: The average adult human body is about 60% water. Seeing as ‘you are what you drink’ you might as well  replenish yourself with the purest possible water you can find. Water is central to most bodily functions including circulation,  digestion and the elimination of toxins. Water filtration is easy, cheap and will make a huge difference to your health.

How Much: All the leading doctors and naturopaths I’ve consulted have all recommended drinking at least 2 litres (68 ounces) of purified water a day.

My Experience: (25/5/2011) I have finally begun drinking at least 2 litres of filtered water a day and have felt immediate benefits. While its difficult to describe the exact nature of these subtle changes, when taking antibiotics I have felt 200% better than when I was only drinking about 1 litre of tap water. Proper hydration is something I now plan on doing for life. Which means urinating every couple of hours is now something I plan on doing for life. Which means finally getting around to putting some inspiring artwork above my toilet is something I plan on doing for life.

As a result of research and personal recommendation from friends I have bought two products to filter my water (For the record I don’t have any affiliation with either company).

1. The first is the for the home. It is the Nikken Pi Mag Water System and it cost me about $550 AUD. I’m very happy with it and have even managed to convert my family to the world of filtered water. Its nice to look at and the water that comes out tastes pure and fresh (although at least 30% of this is psychological). It has 3 stages of filtration and removes chlorine and heavy metals. My only criticism is that it doesn’t remove fluoride and the company operates a multi-level marketing system which means that they often put the hard sell on you to buy. But don’t let this put you off, its a good product.


Learn more about the Pi Mag System here.



2. The second is for when I’m out and about. It is called the Alkapod and it’s a blinged up little portable water bottle that filters your water and uses tourmaline crystals to change your waters PH level from being acidic to being alkaline. Many people feel this is incredibly important to your health as apparently the body utilities a lot of energy making your average tap water less acidic and more bio-available.  It cost me $90 AUD and I’m fond of it already. Again the water tastes light and pure leaving me with a smug sense of well being. The only thing is it only holds around 300mls of water meaning I’m constantly have to refill it. But I guess this is all just part of the fun and a much better alternative to drinking tap water whenever I’m not at home. Plus, its a good way to meet people as they’re always asking what it is and you can impress them by using words such as ionization.

Learn more about the Alkapod here.

(9/9/11) Better yet, gather together some glass bottles, find your local spring and stock up with water straight from the aquifer. This is 10 times better than anything filtered and will refresh your thinking with a sense of cool, crisp clarity.

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