Psychology for CFS/ME & Lyme: An Introduction

'We can cure your mind.....'

'We can cure your mind.....'

Up until now psychology has been a bit of a dirty word in the world of CFS/ME. But thankfully the times are a changing. In the 21st Century there are a range of innovative new psychological therapies designed to get those of us lucky enough to be blessed with CFS/ME out of our beds and back onto the dance floor.

Why explore the use of Psychology?

I’ve identified 3 reasons.

1. Peace of Mind-  Through helping you to accept, relax,  de-stress and create a positive healing state of mind psychology will help you respond to the many challenges you face when living day to day with CFS/ME.

2. Break old patterns- It may address underlying causes of the condition . In other words even if you manage to heal the body with rest, without changing your mental approach to life you may find yourself quickly unwell again by repeating old patterns which result in illness.

3. Cure thyself-  Some people appear to have completely recovered by establishing new mental patterns. This fact in itself warrants an exploration of the techniques on offer.

Where to begin

The first step is to cultivate a positive state of mind. Start walking on the sunny side of the street, see the glass as half full and focus on all the good things in your day.  I choose to see CFS/ME as my greatest teacher, challenging me to live authentically and forcing me to go deeper inside of myself to find peace. At first it felt a little contrived, but with time I truly began to see things this way and have never looked back.

Learning more

At this point at feel its worth mentioning the work of the Optimum Health Clinic in the UK. They have the most integrative approach to the psychological treatment of CFS/ME I’ve come across. The blog on their website provides alot of useful information and they offer a number of different approaches to treatment.

Technique Series

I will be publishing a series of articles briefly exploring each of the leading psychological techniques on offer, explaining where they can fit into your recovery path and saving you from having to do all research yourself. Watch this space for posts on:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Amygdala Retraining
  • The Stop Technique
  • Reverse Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • And More…


Where to Next? – Have you read the 7 Steps to Recovery? Or explored the benefits of Meditation?


Have you tried Psychological techniques for your CFS/ME yet? Did they work? Comment below and share your knowledge!

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