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Heavenly Holistic Foods ~ Sauerkraut & Lacto-Fermentation


Lets face it. Fermented food doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. But it should! It’s delicious and ridiculously good for you. Learn how to get in on the action…

Heavenly Holistic Foods ~ Whole Foods Super Smoothie


This recipe is creamy, tangy, thick and delicious! Just the way I like it. But thanks to the flexible nature of smoothies you can make it how ever you want and go ocreate your own whole foods masterpiece.

Heavenly Holistic Foods ~ Kefir

Kefir Before

Kefir is a powerful, fermented probiotic beverage that has been around for centuries…. Learn how it’s made and how to make it doubly delicious in yoghurt form.

Heavenly Holistic Foods ~ 3 tasty Breakfast Ideas


Three mouth watering breakfast ideas to kickstart your day. WARNING – This is a couple of thousand notches up from your average bowl of cornflakes…

Heavenly Holistic Foods – Coconut Pancakes (Sugar Free)

Coconut Pancakes 1

This recipe for Coconut Pancakes will have you dancing around the kitchen. Because believe it or not… They’re good for you!