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Is it possible to get better from CFS/ME/Lyme?

Yes. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So lets get started.

A good place to start.

A good place to start.

How will this website help me recover?

It will provide you with information on the leading Tools, Treatments & Techniques to assist in your recovery. It won’t try to convince you of any one particular method. But will attempt to make sure whichever path you choose is an educated one.

There’s alot of information here. Where should I start?

Start by reading the First Seven Steps to Healing. They will apply to most situations. Then join the face book group, subscribe by email and come back later to learn about specific Tools, Treatments and Techniques as they become relevant to you.

Whats a Tool? Treatment? And Technique?

I’ve split all the articles on this website into 3 catergoies.

 Tools are posts containing information, research, articles & downloads to educate you i.e A review of leading Doctors or an interview with a specific expert.

Treatments are posts describing leading supplements, medications & therapies.  ie. Vitamin B12, Probiotics, Magnesium.

Techniques are posts exploring lifestyle changes, methods & skills to help you recover. ie Yoga, How to educate your friends.

Where does the information come from? And why should I believe it?

  1. My experience. I’ve had CFS and quite possibly Lyme for 9 years and have road tested many of these methods along the way.
  2. My research. I’ve spent many hours studying books, listening to other patients and consulting with Doctors to formulate an extensive healing protocol which I believe will see me return to optimal health.

Am I 100% Recovered?

Not yet. But I lead a fulfilling and balanced life.

Who Shot JFK?

I’m still working on that one…

How can you help?

Share your experience. Make this website better.

I encourage you to leave upbeat and inspiring comments. Most useful would be a brief account of your own experiences with any the Treatments, Tools and Techniques mentioned. Why and for How Long did you use them? Did they work? Why or Why not? etc.

In the name of Good Health!


Where to Next? – The 7 Steps to Recovery