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Meditation for CFS/Me & Lyme ~ Technique

Waterfall meditation

Meditation makes everything feel, taste, look, sound and smell better. It is the best drug I have ever tried. Learn how to make it work for you…

Psychology for CFS/ME & Lyme: An Introduction

'We can cure your mind.....'

Up until now psychology has been a bit of a dirty word in the world of CFS/ME. But thankfully the times are a changing. In the 21st Century there are a range of innovative new psychological therapies designed to get those of us lucky enough to be blessed with CFS/ME out of our beds and back onto the dance floor….

A Summary of Leading CFS/ME Protocols: Part 1 ~ Tool

The CFS menu

So you’ve got CFS/ME? You’re probably hungry to get well. But whats on offer?

To satisfy your appetite I present Part 1 of the Recovery Path Menu. Containing a range of healing protocols from leading CFS/ME Specialists around the world. Feast upon their ideas! Chew through their assumptions! But be sure to send back anything that seems under cooked. And always, always tip the waiter…

Reiki ~ Treatments


Reiki is a form of Energy healing practised all over the world. It originated last century through the research of Dr Usui a Japanese healer. It makes people feel better. Find out how…

Vitamin B12 ~ Treatment

Not as bad as it looks...

Learn about Vitamin B12 injections. The jab’s are always fun. You get to feel like a mad scientist when you squirt red liquid out of the top of the syringe. It’s easy and painless but…

Yoga for CFS/ME & Lyme ~ Technique

This man was terribly knotted and stressed. You'll be glad to know that after 2 years of dedicated yoga practice he could stand up straight again.

Learn about using Yoga to help you recover from CFS/ME. Since starting my own Yoga practice 5 years ago it has become a central part of my life. I originally went to a class to address some lower back pain but I ended up learning so much more…

D-Ribose ~ Treatment


D-Ribose is the supplement that has won the hearts of CFS/ME specialists the world over with many leading practitioners now including it into their protocols…

XMRV: An Introduction ~ Tool

Pretty little thing ain't it?

XMRV is the new kid in the CFS/ME playground. It’s discovery has caused a massive ripple throughout the world of CFS/ME with some researchers suggesting it may even be the cause of condition. Exciting times. What is it? Where did it come from? And what should you do about it….

Step 5 ~ Choosing A Doctor: The 6 Options


Can you go it alone? Or do you need a doctor? A naturopath? An expert? Or all three to help you recover? I’ve identified 6 options rated and compared them here.

Step 4 ~ Budgeting for your Recovery $$$


Learn how to budget for your recovery in 3 easy steps. Find out how much you will need, where to get it and how to ask for it…

Step 3 ~ Planning your Recovery: The 3 Steps

Plan feature

Now its time to come up with a plan that will get you well. ‘He who fails to plan, plans to fail’. Learn how to create one for your own individual recovery path in 3 easy steps. My plan fits…

Step 2 ~ Educating yourself about CFS/ME

See. Look how happy HE is.

Absorbing the right information at the right time will empower you to take control of your own healing journey.

I waited 5 years before typing the words ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ into Google and unleashing a flood of information. With every book I read, website I visit or story I hear I become smarter and better able to heal.

The question then is how far do you go?

Step 1 ~ Acceptance & Hope

Its all about Balance.

How do you react when you hear the words Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? If its with any less than a knowing smile you probably still haven’t accepted the fact that your unwell. It took me five years. But it changed everything. Here’s what worked for me…

The 7 Steps to Recovery


Learn the 7 Steps to Recovering from CFS/ME/XMRV (The list goes on!) and my current and constantly evolving approach to healing from this condition…