About Me

Welcome. My name is Joe and I’m from Australia. I’m a writer, aspiring social entrepreneur and slightly above average table tennis player.

Getting a Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) in 2003  and added Lyme to the mix in 2012. I’ve been evolving ever since. These conditions have been my greatest teachers and fiercest foes. And after 6 years of just getting by I made a commitment in August 2009 to do whatever it takes to get better. Here’s how I arrived at my diagnoses:

  • Extensive testing to rule out other conditions and matching my symptoms to the Canadian Clinical Criteria originally led to my diagnosis of CFS/ME. (2003)
  • A PCR test from Red Labs & a clinical interpretation of  various immune markers resulted in a new diagnosis of Lyme. (2012)
  • A strong response to antibiotics further indicated Lyme as well as a secondary diagnosis based on symptom picture and Autonomic Response Testing. (2012)

Getting the Right Treatment

So far, So good. I have experimented with many different treatment approaches around the world and made great improvements along the way but still fluctuate between 65-85% wellness levels. So there is still room for improvement . Every day, week, month and year is a new lesson. I have to agree with the words of Herbalist Stephen Buhner “There is nothing like a good chronic disease to raise our awareness.” Practitioners I have worked with include:

  • Dr. Braham Rabinov (Integrative Medicine) & Dr. Don Lewis (CFS/ME Specialist) in Melbourne.
  • Niki Gratrix (Naturopathic CFS/ME Specialist) in the UK/US.
  • Dr. Kenny De Meir Leir (CFS/ME Specialist & LLMD) in Belgium 
  • Various different Panchakarmas and consultations with Ayurvedic Doctors in India.
  • Katie Dahlgren (N.D) & Dietrich Klinghardt (M.D) both alternative Lyme specialists in the US.

In sharing what I have found to be the leading Tools, Treatments & Techniques in recovering from CFS/ME & Lyme I hope to empower you to walk your own path of recovery, to inspire you to believe its possible, to arm you with the knowledge it takes and hopefully to make you smile along the way.

You can contact me at joe@cfsrecoverypath.com.

Onwards & Upwards!